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Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) is an online version of India's Teen Patti (3 Patti) card game. All users may access Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) from anywhere in India, and it works across all networks. The most realistic and simple to play Rummy game online is Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker).

Only at Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) you can show off your abilities and compete against hundreds of other great gamers. When you have Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) on your team, don't compromise on your experience.

Play Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) to relax and play your favorite Teen Patti game online.

Only on Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) you can enjoy the best of the Graphics without compromising on the speed. Teen Patti Joker’s (3 Patti Joker) User Interface is very easy to use and provides the most authentic Teen Patti and Rummy experience at the disposal of your home.

Even on weak 2G and 3G connections, Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) works quickly and smoothly without lag.

Be a part of the Teen Patti Revolution today by downloading Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) NOW !

Exclusive Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) Features :-

Smooth, easy-to-understand game play with a clean graphic presentation for a more genuine gaming experience.
On 2G/3G networks, Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) is consistent, smooth and lag-free.
Teen Patti Joker (3 Patti Joker) maintains the greatest standards of safety and security for our users.
There is a huge selection of games to pick from the menu.
You can easily play on all android devices including phones and tablets.
Friendly Customer Service is always at your disposal, Help is just a message away.

Best in-class game modes :-

Classic Teen Patti
At a teen patti table, there are usually 3-5 players, each of which receives three cards. The one who shows the most talent wins the adolescent patti game.

AK-47 Teen Patti
In this mode, all the A's, K's, 4's, and 7's cards are Jokers. As in traditional adolescent patti, the highest hand wins.

Mufils Teen Patti
Unlike the traditional adolescent patti game, this mode has a different means of winning. In conventional mode, Mufils considers the lowest hand to be the highest.

Teen Patti's Joker
Out of the three cards, everyone receives one joker. As a result, the stakes rise and the game becomes more engaging.

Rummy game modes :-

Points Rummy
Points Rummy is a variation of the 13 cards in which players play using the set point value. The player who achieves 0 points first wins the sum depending on the opponent's total number of points.

Deals Rummy
In Deals Rummy, participants compete in a fixed number of rounds. Each player is dealt a specific quantity of chips. Each round's winner receives chips for the losing opponents throughout the game. At the end of the game, the player with the most chips is declared the winner and receives the bonus pool.

Pool Rummy
The goal of Pool Rummy is to drive your opponents to reach the 101 or 201 markers, leaving you with the fewest points possible to win the game.

Contact Us :-

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