Friday, September 24, 2021

RummyTunes is the first offering by Wild Spades, a card gaming startup. The mobile app offers the BEST PRIVATE INDIAN RUMMY game experience.

With RummyTunes you can create a private room to host a Rummy game with friends from around the planet. You don't have to play with strangers anymore!

A first-of-its-kind private Rummy mode offers Live audio to chat, laugh and joke with friends while you play Rummy. You can invite friends to your Game Room with just a click of a button. Your game scores and wins can be tracked easily on a leader board shared with you.

Some important points for RummyTunes Gameplay:
1. RummyTunes game can be played with 2 to 6 players.
2. The Rummy host first creates a room and shares the room code with friends. Invited friends can join the Rummy game room easily with the room code.
3. The game uses two standard decks of 52 cards each.
4. Each Rummy player is dealt with 13 cards at the beginning of a new round.
5. To win the game, players have to arrange the available cards into valid sequences or sets.

Winning. We all love it, don’t we?
But to win amongst friends and family
That’s the real game
Introducing RummyTunes
Where you play with those you know
Not strangers
Win amongst your friends, with jokes for company
Scheduled or im-prompt, weeknights or weekends, just like old times
So, come on let’s play to win
Let’s rib each other, let’s fuss
Let’s keep the spirit of Rummy alive
With friends and family and in every one of us!
RummyTunes – Making Rummy Social, Entertaining, and Fun

RummyTunes is a must-try for Rummy game enthusiasts!
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