Thursday, September 16, 2021

Rummy Friends is an simple online multiplayer game where you can player Rummy with your Friends and Family. The game is designed with a simple UI/UX such that users of all ages can play it.

Features In Brief :

- Create private room.
- Invite your friends and family to the room using the link or room number.
- Voice chat or text chat with all them during play.
- Very low network usage.
- Supports both small and large tablets.
- Friends and family can join from PC or IOS too.
- Fully customizable games, choose the number decks, number of jokers, number of points etc.
- If no friends are online, you can play online with other players.

Features In Detail :

Playing with friends ->

Create Room
- To play the multiplayer game with friends you will first need to create a room for yourself. Click on the "New Room" option in the main menu, and you will see a popup dialog.
- In that dialog you will see options like Number of jokers, Cut joker, Paper joker, Number of decks, Turn Timer etc. These are all options you can choose according to your needs.
- Once you are done with the options, click "Create Room" and you will be taken to a new screen, where you see your current "Room Id".

Invite Friends and Family
- You can either share this "Room Id" with your friends or family manually, or you can even use the "Invite" button you see on screen.
- Your friends or family will have to install our "Rummy Friends" app in-order to play. Please note, we currently only have an app for Android, so if your friends or family don't have an android, they can still play using their phone or pc browser by visiting "" website.

Playing Game
- Once all your friends have joined your room, you should click "Start" button and the game would immediately start.
- In the green bar in the middle you should be able to see whos turn it is currently.
- In the top most bar, you should see list of all players and their current game status.
- In between those 2 bars is the deck space, where you have the deck of cards and open cards.
- At the bottom of the screen you have your playing hand with the 13 playing cards.
- When it is your turn, you can either drop out of the game by clicking the "Drop" button or pick a card from the deck by click the deck in the deck space.
- When you pick a card, you will see the picked card in your playing hand. Now you will have to discard a card, to do that click on the card you want to discard and click the "Discard" button.
- You can sort your playing hand using the "Sort" button, if you can see it. It helps you auto sort your playing cards.
- You can group your cards by selecting multiple cards in your hand and clicking "Group".
- If you have finished the pairing your 13 cards in game and want to declare show, when your turn comes, pick a card and choose a card to close, and click "Show".
- Now re-verify your cards and group them properly and click "Declare Show" button. And your show will be declared to all.
- You can view game summary by click the "Game Summery" menu item from the menu options that popup up when you click the "Menu Options Icon" on the top right side of your screen.
- You have other options too like "Leave Room" if you would like to leave this room, "Room Info" to know the room information, "Settings" to configure the app settings etc.

Have fun playing our Rummy game.
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