Monday, September 27, 2021

Who we are?

In the era when offices run remote, schools are online, banking is on internet, shopping is on E-commerce and to be more precise when everything is digital and virtual today then why not Sports .Well that’s when we thought of getting a fantasy sports platform for the sports enthusiast people in the world of fantasy games. This idea then was shaped and named as Prime Captain fantasy game application.

As you all are aware that Prime Captain fantasy game app is growing phenomenally and is now trusted by more than a million users all around the globe. Right from the day of inception of Prime Captain fantasy game application, our only focus is to keep our users happy, we try our very best to give our users a different experience with an opportunity to show their sports skills on our fantasy app and parallelly also give them a platform where they can walk the path which leads to their dream.

Our application for now offer game series like Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Baseball. But that’s not all, we are every day, every minute working on to get new games for our users. Our platform offers the simplest way of playing the fantasy game. The users create a virtual team of real players. The user's virtual team is then rewarded based on the points depending on the performance of the real players in the real game. It's that simple.

Prime Captain’s GROWTH is directly proportional to the TRUST of its users.

Vision & Mission

Fantasy sports is the "Game of skill" so our vision is to enhance your inner athlete by giving you an extraordinary online sports gaming experience.

Our mission is to be India's trusted platform for fantasy sports and introduce people to their sports skill and Knowledge. Our commitment towards our users is to provide worthful experience for all sports and secured transaction. We give our user a chance to get closer to fantasy sports than ever before.

Start your journey with Prime Captain

There's nothing like making money off your passion. Transform your passion for the game into cash prizes. So what are you waiting for? Start your adventure with Prime Captain and prepare for a thrilling fantasy experience. It'll undoubtedly be supreme, mysterious, and incredible!
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