Friday, September 24, 2021

Your favorite board game just got more exciting! Play Ludo Zenith – It’s an all-new, highly competitive, action-packed multiplayer Ludo game!!

Whether you’ll play with millions of players online or play with friends, either way Ludo Zenith is nothing like you’ve seen before!

SQUARE ENIX, a leading gaming company, revolutionizes the world’s most popular board game – Ludo!

Unique characters and easy-to-use superpowers help your strategy! Use the 3D animated special abilities to crush the other player and show off your Ludo skills on your road to victory! Choose your favorite character according to your strategy to fiercely beat real-time players online or amicably play with friends.

High-risk & high-return special dice can help your strategy and spice up the match in this multiplayer game. Tactfully use a variety of special dice to get high-number rolls like 7, 8 and even 12, and gain a huge lead over your opponents!

Move over boring flat Ludo boards, 3D Arenas are here! First-of-a-kind cool 3D camera lets you see the board in your favorite angle! Unlock more Arenas as you advance the game!

Each battle decides your Rank! Challenge millions of real-time players in this epic 1v1 PvP online Ludo strategy game. Strategize with superpowers and special dice, and win maximum multiplayer Ludo battles as you climb up the nationwide Ludo Leaderboard. Claim your position in the top S+ league and become the Ludo champion!! You can also play with friends and check your friends’ progress on the leaderboard!
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