Sunday, September 26, 2021

Fantasy Ludo is a perfect blend between fantasy, magic and the classic Ludo board game that we all love.

This Ludo game will immediately have you totally hooked with its stunning cute visuals, ease of use and replayability.

In Fantasy Ludo, no one is safe, there is danger in every corner and you should learn to use your skills and abilities plus the roll of the dice in order to stay alive and succeed.

You get to play as one of five different classes - all of whom are willing to serve you as their rightful leader.

Are you ready to meet thy heroes:

⚔️ Human:
Play as the noble human race, always happy to serve you and most importantly, always ready to fight by your side and protect you.

🗡️ Hobbit:
Hobbits are a cute race with hairy feet that enjoy music and fireworks but what they love doing the most is getting ready for new adventures.

🔥 Mage:
Mages are renown for defending their towers. Incinerate those who come close with fiery meteors that will shake the very earth.

🏹 Elf:
Elves are an ancient race with the most terrifying archers. They have devoted many of their years in mastering the bow and arrow. Their precision is unmatched.

🛡️ Dwarf:
The mightiest of all the heroes. This tough, proud race are small but fierce in combat. Dwarves are feared by many, due to their strength in combat.

The aim is to get all the way around the board, as in the classic game of Ludo, but here you have to contend with three other players who are attacking you with their special powers, and trying to resist and outmaneuver your attacks on them.

These players can be humans sitting in the room with you and playing via the time-honoured method of pass-and-play, or they can be AI-controlled robots, or any combination thereof.

Fantasy Ludo also comes with a standard Ludo game, but we suspect you’ll want to spend your time in the beautifully drawn adventure mode, trying to get to grips with the simple yet deep gameplay.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from, achievements to collect, daily bonuses, and a global leaderboard, giving you the opportunity of bragging rights that extend all the way around the world and not just to the other people in the room.

Bring your friends over, order some yummy pizza and enjoy the best free board games.

Male and female genders for all hero players
Professional and polished hand drawn artwork
Complete achievements and earn awesome rewards to aid you in battle
Daily bonuses to reward all loyal players
Global leaderboards
Adjust the robot difficulty settings to easy, medium or hard
Adjust music volume or turn it off
2-4 players simultaneously. Pass and Play
Mix and match humans, robots and classes to suit your taste
Game comes in highly recommended to suit people of all ages
Awesome game to play with family gatherings

Any ideas that you think will fit nicely into this game! Why not drop us an email, we would love to hear from you. If I do use any of your ideas I will definitely get in contact with you so we can discuss.

You can always reach out to us should you wish to get in contact.
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I thank you all for your support and hope you have epic battles and adventures playing Fantasy Ludo.
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