Monday, September 27, 2021


The magnitude of cricket love in our country is perfectly frenetic and we all share the same blood, sweat, and enthusiasm for the sport! Be it kids, youth or even the old, cricket is enjoyed with all the fervour around.

BatBall11, a fantasy cricket platform, is created by us out of the utter passion for cricket. We intend to instil an ultimate gaming experience to the cricket loving community.

So if cricket has imprinted your heart, life and soul, BatBall11 is the place to flaunt your skills.

BatBall11’s bedrock is about building team (read: family) and creating infinite memories with them which will last for a lifetime! Our foundation strongly believes in the fundamentals of honesty, quality and transparency.

Take a tour of BatBall11 Application

BatBall11 is an experience where all your “Crickety Keeda” dreams will come true.

Feel all the jazz right here at BatBall11 and begin the adventure.
It'll surely be supreme, enigmatic and astounding!

Pull up your socks
Set your standards high
Get set for an exhilarating fantasy experience

How To Play ?

BatBall11 is a dreamy ethereal platform for all the cricket buffs to experience the most earnest cricket experience, virtually!
It lets you try your skills and explore your knowledge on field.
So, it's time to take matters in your own hands and Change the Game!
Simply follow these easy steps and get set for your fantastic fantasy experience!
The concept is simple; you play wisely with the right team, earn points and cash. It’s all about the three C’s; Compete, Conquer and become a Champion!
  • BatBall11 is a place where cricket fantasies come to life.
  • We seek to provide an experience full of conquests and adventures.
  • Download the BatBall11 application in your device.
  • Navigate to the Sign Up Screen.
  • Enter your Full Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and Password that you’ll use.
  • Click the Sign Up Button
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