Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Teenpatti is a popular game in India. You need to use a 52-card international poker card, ranked from A to 2 (high to low). In theory, it can be suitable for multiple players to play, but the best number is 4-7.

Three cards with the same number are the largest, which is what we often hear of "leopards". Among them, three aces are the largest, and three 2s are the smallest in the leopard; a straight (three consecutive numbers of cards) is The second largest card sequence, in which A23 is the largest, 234 is the smallest, and 2AK is invalid; straight flush> straight> pair.

Anyone who knows how to play this kind of game may know that the "Golden Flower" gameplay is actually not only based on the size of each player's hand, but more on the speculation of each player's hand and the psychology of each player. In the game, when to decide to follow, when to give up, and to what extent to decide to open, all require skill and a certain amount of luck. Since the abstainer’s card will not be known to others, the more likely it is that everyone will win, the less likely it is to win, because this requires a lot of mental arithmetic and a lot of courage to take risks.
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