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audio app. Explore a library of 2 Lakh+ audios on Kuku FM. Download the app & find something you will fall in love with. Listen to bestselling English books translated in Hindi. Our collection of Hindi audiobooks are remarkable. Explore Audiobooks from various categories like motivation audiobooks, self-help audiobooks, spiritual audiobooks, & business audiobooks. We have a diverse library of fiction audiobooks from genres like Love, Crime, Horror, Comedy & Kids. Also prepare for Government Exams, UPSC on Kuku FM by listening to audio courses.

Listen to Audiobooks, Podcasts, Stories, Current affairs, Courses in languages like:

✔Hindi (हिंदी)
✔Marathi (मराठी)
✔Bangla (বাংলা)
✔Gujarati (ગુજરાતી)
✔Telugu (తెలుగు)

💥Top Categories💥

📚Hindi audiobooks (हिंदी ऑडियोबुक):
- Listen to top Hindi audiobooks for FREE. Download books & listen offline
- Listen to best selling English books in Hindi as audiobooks.
- Get books across diverse categories like Motivation, Self Help, Business, Spirituality & 
Religion, Love, Horror, Crime & Kids.
-Our diverse collection of audiobooks include genres like Religion audiobooks, Business audiobooks, Literature audiobooks, Self Help audiobooks, Motivation audiobooks, Love audiobooks, Biography audiobooks, Horror audiobooks, Crime audiobooks, Kids audiobooks, Thriller audiobooks, Exams audiobooks, Astrology audiobooks
- Also, get book summaries along with full audiobooks for some great books like Think & Grow Rich audiobooks, Rich Dad Poor Dad audiobooks & much more. Listen as per your choice & convenience
- All audiobooks are recorded by top RJs & produced by experts for the best listening experience

🎧Hindi Podcasts (हिंदी पॉडकास्ट):
- Listen to top Hindi podcasts for FREE
- Get podcasts across various categories like Motivation, Self Help, Business, Spirituality & Religion, Love, Horror, Crime & Kids.
- Our various genres of podcasts include classics like Religion podcasts, Literature podcasts, Self Help podcasts, Motivation podcasts, Love podcasts, Biography podcasts, Horror podcasts, Crime podcasts, Education podcasts, Thriller podcasts

📃Audio Stories (कहानियां):
- Listen to stories by Indian writers in Hindi
- Browse through our variety of genres like Hindi Love stories, Hindi Kids stories, Hindi Horror stories, Hindi Self Help stories, Hindi Biography, Hindi Crime stories, Hindi Thriller stories, Hindi Motivation stories, Hindi Comedy stories, Hindi funny stories, real horror stories, true love stories & much more

🕉️Religion & Spirituality (धर्म और अध्यात्म):
- Listen to Bhagavad Gita audiobooks in Hindi (भगवद गीता), Ramayan audiobooks in Hindi (रामायण) & Mahabharat audiobooks in Hindi (महाभारत), यथार्थगीता, श्री राम, श्री कृष्ण, Ramcharitmanas
- Listen to all धार्मिक कथाएँ like Shiv Gatha, Ganesh Gatha & more
- Listen to Spiritual gurus like Sadguru

🌄Courses (कोर्स):
- Start your day with Free courses like Hindi Education, Motivation courses, Exams courses
- Prepare for your exams, by listening to our UPSC , RAILWAY, SSC Exam courses in Hindi
- Listen to motivational audiobooks, stories & speakers like Chanakya Niti by MD Motivation, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude & much more.

🤣Comedy (कॉमेडी कहानिया इन हिंदी):
- Listen to comedy shows, funny talk shows like prank calls, jokes & more
- Listen to comedy stories like Tenali Raman, Akbar Birbal, Chacha Chaudhary & more
- Listen to some of the best comedy radio shows by RJs like RJ Raunac, RJ Bauaa & more
- Also, get comedy audiobooks & stories

🔑Key Features of Kuku FM-
✔Free Unlimited Downloads 📥😱
✔Personalised recommendations 🔥
✔New audiobooks added every day 💥
✔News in Hindi supported by audio news 🎧
✔Create Your List of favourite audiobooks or podcasts📙
✔Latest Current Affairs 2020 News 📰

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