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Ultrahuman: Fitness & Sleep

Ultrahuman: Fitness & Sleep

*Introducing our all-new home workouts. Designed and taught by experienced athletes.

*Join renowned experts on a series of guided meditations and breathing exercises that help you manage stress & anxiety, improving your mental health and sleep patterns.

*Carefully crafted bedtime stories lulling you into a deep sleep, makes waking up every day seem more relaxed and refreshed.

*Listen to a comprehensive playlist of relaxing music that aids mindfulness, productivity & peaceful sleep.

Ultrahuman offers tools designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners. The platform combines cutting-edge science and art for our workouts, yoga, meditation & sleep stories, which is driven by the knowledge and experience of the world’s top neuroscientists, psychologists, musicians, authors, yoga experts, fitness & workout trainers.

The yoga series include easy home workouts that improve mobility, agility, muscle strength and flexibility. They also help in alleviating pain and reducing stress. Prenatal yoga is perfect for expecting mothers, guiding them through simple stretches and everyday yoga routines to feel refreshed, release stiffness and increase overall strength.

Ultrahuman is the complete guide for inculcating meditation and mindfulness skills, relax your mind, stress less and sleep better. Choose from a wide range of mindfulness content including guided meditations, bedtime stories, soothing music to help improve sleep, calming nature sounds and soundscapes to enhance your overall performance.

Some of the home workouts and yoga programs include:

* Mobility yoga by Abi Carver
* Strength yoga by Abi Carver
* Prenatal yoga by Brett Larkin
* Sound meditation by Avery Whitmore
* 18-day yoga challenge by Brett Larkin

Mindfulness topics on Ultrahuman:

* Body Scan For Awareness
* Flowing With The Breath
* Cultivating Gratitude
* Detaching From Fear

Some of Ultrahuman's Bedtime stories include:

* Riposo: Take a power nap through this meditation to boost your energy, lift your mood, and ease your stress.
* Poems Of Love And Dreams: Slip into the passage of a land, unbound by space or time with poems of love, sleep, and dreams.
* The Wizard Of Oz: Somewhere over the rainbow the gates of the Emerald City glisten. Dorothy and her friends make their way deeper into the Land of Oz.
* Heidi: Join curious little Heidi, her friend Peter and her beloved grandfather as they journey to explore the beautiful Swiss Alps.
* Alice in Wonderland: Travel back in time to reconnect with your childhood, where a stroll in the park could turn into a fascinating adventure.
* The Prophet: Let the magic of timeless poetic tales written by Khalil Gibran elevate you to a tranquil state of mind.
* Starry Night: Step into Van Gogh’s most beloved masterpiece and immerse yourself into its fantasy and wonder as it comes alive.

Fall into a deep sleep while listening to these classic sleep stories and many more.

Ultrahuman also features:

* Calming meditation music
* Nature & sleep sounds
* Soundscapes from the Himalayas, Paris, Asia, New York & many others
* Meditation and bedtime stories for kids
* Breathing exercises

The Ultrahuman app includes effective workout routines designed for your goals, while helping improve your meditation and mindfulness skills. Workout and meditate anytime, anywhere. A yoga studio and gym right in your pocket.

“Sleep is the best meditation.”
“The mind is definitely something that can be transformed, and meditation is a means to transform it.”
– Dalai Lama

If you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your Google Account, at the confirmation of purchase.

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