Saturday, October 24, 2020

πŸ–€ ​​Local businesses and businesses deliver to your home

πŸ–€ ​​You support small businesses in your region with every order!

πŸ–€ ​​Select location, select favorite shop and order in the SUPPLIER app

πŸ–€ ​​Your order will be delivered to you individually, as agreed

πŸ–€ ​​Pay in cash on site or by individual agreement

πŸ–€ ​​If you are due to shop closure, physical impairment or
      mobile restriction, can not visit your favorite store, order with
      the SUPPLIER app

πŸ–€ ​​SSL encryption, your data will be transmitted securely

πŸ–€ ​​GPS location and your delivery address will be found safely

πŸ–€ ​​Find favorite products using the search bar

πŸ–€ ​​We are a young start-up and always grateful for your feedback.
      If something does not work in the app or you have any suggestions, we ask
      you for support.
      Please contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp 08170-9979753
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