Sunday, September 27, 2020

Unlock a world full of free gifts. Discover, catch, and win your favorite brand wherever you are!

WININ is the first of a kind AR game that rewards you in real life. It’s a real-life exploration tool where you might find and win a free gift in about every turn you take! With Winin App you’ll get to win valuable gifts from different brands.
High end brands, beauty and cosmetic products, fine and casual dining restaurants, luxurious spa treatments, travels, and hotels accommodations.
Experience the WININ feel with very simple steps:
1- Choose your favorite AVATAR
2- Select your favorite BRAND
3- Scan your AREA
4- Catch free GIFTS and win in instantly, or collect WININ COINS and SMILEYS and redeem it from our WININ UNIVERSE store
More than 1000 Gift per day, EVERYDAY!
WININ is available in the below countries:
Enough reading, START WININ!
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