Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sagoon is the first social-gifting app that enables people to Connect, Share, and Earn.

Connect with your friends who have similar interests, socialize with them and earn Smart Coins while engaging with them.

Find what stories, photos and videos your friends are posting, and discover hidden stories posted on topics you love, from all over the world.

On Sagoon, you will find 100+ topics based on your interests and location:

· Everyday Life
· Humor/Jokes
· What's Hot!
· Entertainment
· Inspire Me
· Sports
· Religion
· Poetry
· Health/Fitness
· Creative Corner
· Confession Stories
· Beauty Tips
· Street Food
· My Kitchen
· Incredible Nature
· Technology
· Astrology
· शेर-ओ-शायरी

Express yourself FREELY:
Share your interests, experiences, knowledge and moments: what’s happening around you every day! Write your beautiful story with a background text, color or photo or a video.

Post your stories anonymously:
You can hide your name while sharing your stories and commenting on others’ stories, since it's not about who you are, it's about what message you are sharing. Many people enjoy hiding their names to become FREE from others' judgment.

Track where your stories travel:
Great stories motivate and change others’ lives - thousands of Sagoon stories gain huge popularity and travel worldwide.

Earn while you socialize:
Sagoon rewards each user for the time they spend on the platform. You can earn Smart Coins based on how active you are on Sagoon.
· Posting stories, engaging with other stories
· Sharing stories, referring and inviting friends
The more your stories get reactions, comments, and shares, the more Smart Coins you earn.
The more your friends sign up, the more you earn Smart Coins.
The more you earn Smart Coins, the more you get to shop for FREE.

You can use Sagoon to:
· Connect with your friends and family
· Discover amazing stories based on your interests and passions, that will add value to your life
· Post your 220-character story with a beautiful background text, color or photo, or a video
· Share your story with your friends, family and the whole world
· Hide your name while posting a story so you can be free from others’ judgment
· Be your real self and explore and share what you love, see and find around you
See your stories traveling worldwide
· Like, share and comment (even anonymously) on others’ stories
· Invite your friends to be a part of Sagoon community and earn rewards
· Shop with your Smart Card at retail stores
· Send gifts to your friends

We look forward to hearing about your Sagoon experiences!If you have any bugs to report or have questions and concerns, please contact us on: or visit:

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