Friday, February 7, 2020

Sense is a Line, Intellect is a Circle!

Therefore, we named our proprietary version of Ludo game "Ludo Circle" that moves you through Challenge and Hope, Fun and Emotion. Not a vicious circle but a Circle of Time and Skill, what are you waiting for? Download the game, sign up, play and enjoy the rewards.

Who Are We?

“Like the Nation, like we” - sucker for sports and games, we call ourselves “18 Minds”. We’ve put mind and soul into developing Ludo Circle. Of course, we did not invent “Ludo” but rediscovered by making it even challenging and skilful with our very own proprietary laws of the game is what makes Ludo Circle stand out. In the wake of traditional skill games losing their momentum in the current digital era, Ludo Circle is our first attempt to keep the gamut of skill games alive by bringing them online in an e-format and thereby offer players fun, excitement and recognition for demonstrating their intellect.

Playing Ludo Circle

Playing Ludo has never been better than now with the introduction of Ludo Circle (let’s keep it short “LC”) that comes with unique rules (refer to “laws of the game” section. It is not an “easy to win” game but demands skill and forward thinking to chase down your rival. Come face to face with your opponents and taste the feeling, a feeling of being challenged and confronted, yet winning the encounter. Not just winning the game but also cash prize (“credit”), how about that? If you think it is easy to win the credits, you’re mistaken! You need a plan, one that will make you win. So what are you waiting for? Play Now! Set a ploy, apply your tactics, and win the credits besides having your ego satisfied. All you need to do is, download Ludo Circle, sign up, buy credits and join the pool of your interest.

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