Monday, January 27, 2020

TwingTwing is the world’s first concept of helping individuals resolving their daily mundane problems within the locality and making them aware of the incidents/alerts by sharing that information on a common platform. Our Mission is to organize the locality’s information and making it useful and universally available to all nearby individuals to connect them often and finding/solving common interests/issues at fingertips.

• Have you just moved to a new location or altogether to a new city? Learn about the places and get immediate help from the neighbours nearby, know more about your surroundings and get feedback before you take a decision.

• New to the place? Get nearest street food, the timing of garbage collector, nearest gas connection, ask for a maid, get an instant and authentic review from real people, search for a flat for rent, roommates and many more…

• Add Q & A (Question & Answer) post on TwingTwing to get an answer to any generic question about anything in your neighbourhood.

• Lost or Found something? Add a post on Lost & Found section to get instant help with most relevant people based on the item Lost or Found location.

• Saw any dangerous animal nearby, any drainage which is open or things which you believe can be dangerous to others and wants to warn/inform your neighbours, don’t wait just add an Alert on TwingTwing.

• TwingTwing offers a lot of other information, why wait then... Install TwingTwing now and BE THE CHANGE OF THE SOCIETY.

Happy TwingTwing ! πŸ˜Š

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